Monday, December 29, 2008


If there is a path walk you need not miss while in Baguio City or even in the entire country if you happen to visit the Philippines, don't forget to pass-by in this alley. A member of the Knights of the Altar, Amelito Bonifacio, is actually a third year high school student at the Baguio City High School who works as tourist guide at the side. He was the one who toured us within the City while doing this project. You can enjoy sight seeing just by walking within the City to avoid traffic and if you intend to take a boat ride at Burham Park, you can take this route from SM Mall Department Store's Back entrance . From atop of this elegantly garden manicured path walk going down to a Call Center leading to Harrison road accross Burham Park you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the City. If you need a guided tour, you can rely on this Altar Boy! You'll be entertained by Amelito who cracks jokes once in a while. He can take pictures with good composition for your souvenir. In fact, he's not ashamed to pose before a camera. His ambition: "to be an actor"!